Afghans in Japan

"I wish to live with an Afghan!" --- Not a few people long for it in Japan. --- But it's very hard (for them). --- They only have a small house and a garden, and it has very sweltering summer (in Japan). --- Now it only has about five hundred Afghans in Japan (Japan Kennel Club says so), and that breeders diminish our babies (Is it called "marriage control" in "Human Being Language"?). --- But it's necessary thing. --- It saves us from Hokenjyo.

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It has many books of how-to keeping dogs in Japan (though informations of Afghans' are small). --- Some tell strange things for overseas people.

(For Afghans:)
I'm very sorry, one book says Afghans are the dogs for keep out of house.(You know, Afghans feel loneliness especially!)
And the other (serious) book says, "You must train your Afghan never use interior for the rest room. And you have to let him do it when you take him for a walk." --- I believe it's right, too. --- But I hear French think it's unusual thing. --- What do you think about it?
(One book (probably it's the same "for the rest room") tells, "You should always live with yours. If you can't do it, keep a company together." But many owners in Japan seem to be under a misunderstanding. They keep other breeds, cats, or tortoises!)

Large dogs can't take neither a tram nor a bus, and hotels accommodate us little in Japan. --- I hear many restaurants allow to enter dogs in Europe. Mom and sister have seen a dog at a cafe in Brussels. He(she?) looked very happy. --- I wish to enter there, too --- please give me delicious dishes if I come!

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