This winter has come very very early!
(It has much snow since in the middle of November.)
And I enjoy "Snow Bathing" now.

(Christmas 2000)
Merry Christmas!
It has the very white Christmas here!
Yesterday (Christmas Eve) was my 13th birthday, and I had many delicious foods.
Family hope to have the party for me the next year or later again.

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A Happy New Century!
I didn't visit a shrine New Year's Day this year.
(I've hurt "arms" when I drove in a bad (ice and snow) road to hospital the end of last year.)
But I feel I'm almost right now.

("Past Seasonal Essay")

Summer(Jul.- early in Sep.'97)
Autumn(late in Sep.- Nov.'97)
Winter(Dec.'97- Mar.'98)
Spring(Apr. - Jun.'98)
Summer(Jul. - late in Sep.'98)
Autumn(Oct.- late in Nov.'98)
Christmas '98
Winter(Dec.'98- early in Apr.'99)
Spring(late in Apr. - Jun.'99)
Summer(Jul.'99- Sep.'99)
Autumn(Oct.'99- Nov.'99)
Winter(Dec.'99- Mar. 2000)
spring(Apr. 2000- Jun. 2000)
Summer(Jul. 2000- Aug. 2000)
Autumn(Oct. 2000- Nov. 2000)