I'm the very Afghan Hound though rather stout. I'm beautiful --- I just photograph badly.
Afghans' everyday life is monotonous. I hear Dalmatians ride a bicycle, and Labrador Retrievers bring a newspaper. But Afghans aren't interested in such things.
Afghans are hounds, so we lie usually except when we hunt(we must keep energy).
I'm very sorry I'm not allowed to catch Persian cats, so I hunt in my house --- for instance, looking for food the inside of a trash can, and getting my favorite dishes on the table as quickly as I can --- gracefully.
Sasha's photo

By the way, sales tax was upped 3%→5% on 4/1 this year('97) in Japan.
(Now (August) sister hesitates about buying a digital camera.)
Do you think "Only 5%?" --- If you go shopping in Japan, you may shout,"Oh, no! Very expensive!" To add to it's depressed for a long time in Japan. When mom go to downtown by bus and subway, she must pay about 7 US dollars to go and return --- the distance from our house to downtown is less than 6 miles!
Then I cared very much --- mom and sister say,"We never you hunger.",but if they stop giving me to delicious food --- I can get them for the moment, but tomorrow ---?

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