My Life

I hear dogs in UK are very happy. --- I guess Afghans relax in front of a mantelpiece, have delicious food and run in their large gardens. Are they right?

Dog life in Japan is often hard. I spent unhappy girlhood, too.
Now I live with the third family. --- The first owner gave me to her friend when I was puppy. the second family was kind, but it was difficult for them to keep me in their house. So I had to live a kennel at the end of garden.
I was shocked very much --- I lived with family till then. But I only endured. Dogs can't change their owners for themselves.
My present family was the second family's acquaintance. Mom sometimes brought me to my (present) house, but I only entered the door then. --- I was covered with dust.
When I was six years old, mom adopted me --- ex-family had reason for leave me. Now I take a walk every day, and sleep in my sofabed. my present house is small (it's average in Japan.) and it has no air-conditioner, but I'm happy enough --- I live with family!

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