Summer is over!

I love autumn and spring though autumn has short day.
--- Autumn is called in Japan:"Autumn of Sports", "Autumn of Reading", and "Autumn of Appetite". --- To be sure, dad watches a baseball game and a golf match on TV, sister reads books: how-to HTML and interior design, and family have delicious dishes. --- Why do they tell only me "Diet!"?

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The autumn of appetite...?

It's a national holiday today in Japan.(We call it "Shubun-no-hi": it means the autumnal equinox day.)
I went to a park with family in the afternoon. And I found a ferret(pet) there.
I was very excited (I saw it for the first time) --- but family didn't allow me to catch it.
I'm very sorry --- I had wanted to show them my hunting faculty!
I went to hospital for a check-up yesterday. --- The vet weighed me, and he told us(mother and I)..."Diet!"
(Everybody(family) says,"Why?...I give Sasha only a little bit." --- Anyway they will diet me --- or I may spend "dog food only" birthday(Christmas Eve!).)
I have a national holiday("Taiiku-no-hi" --- The Day of PE(Sport)) today (again).
It's windy(Yesterday was worse. It had the first snow of the season --- early unusual here!), so family watch sport programs on TV instead of sporting themselves.(Don't forget to take a walk with me!)
KLM has a northern Japan line today.
Mom and sister are very pleased --- they had to stay Tokyo a night when they travelled to Europe.
Sister says,"I hear the government of UK will amend the law till the end of next year, and you'll be able to travel to London. Let's walk in the Park with me." --- But I think she forgets the thing --- I'll be ten years old then!
Autumn lasts though it gets colder day by day. --- And I naturally last "Autumn of Appetite".( --- Family lessen refreshments for me, so I'm in frustration.)