Our (family and I) favorite season has come!
I can see many friends in parks, mom enjoys gardening, and we have "Golden Week"* at the end of Apr.-early in May (every year). (Family want take me to a resort then, but it takes 3 hours by car at least.)

(*: "National Holidays Week")

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Today is the national holiday: "The Day of Green". The days were the (ex-) Emperor's Birthday before, and it was going to be a weekday. But it's going on as a holiday now. Because it's hard to take vacation in Japan; except national holidays or short summer vacation called Obon-yasumi. (It means "the tacit pressure")

(I hear Japan has the most national holidays in the world.(15 days) But it isn't advisable, is it? --- Many people take holidays all together, so they get the heavy traffic jam and a large crowd at resorts. --- And they often return to their offices or schools tiredly.
I believe it's the best to picnic to parks during "Golden Week" --- without Great Pyrenees and Shiba*!)

(*: the most popular Japanese dog; like Akita but smaller; they growl at me!)

Sister found a piece of news for the dogrun. (It's the only in Japan (?) )
Dad and sister hope to see an Afghan there. (They haven't seen Afghans except me yet) --- But I wanna play with a Shih Tzu!
(Anyway we (family) won't be able to go to there for the present. --- It takes 40 minutes by car through the highway, but mom feels uneasy to drive on the highway by our old car.)

Sister says,"June is the best month to travel to Europe."(She has been to London, the Netherlands and Belgium in the month.)
I don't know it --- I only tell, it's the very very humid season in Japan (called Tsuyu).
Sister and I suffer damp or the sweltering days more than 2 months hereafter (every year). --- But --- I have a strange thing --- My vet says me even the season --- "Diet!"