Our (family and I) favorite season has come at last!
(This winter was very long and much snow though It wasn't cold very much.)

We have "Golden Week"* now, and I'll enjoy taking a walk at a park (though I can't walk long for hernia of neck).

(*: "National Holidays Week": at the end of Apr.-early in May)
Sasha's photo(in Jun. 2000)

I hunted a piece of fried onion mistakenly the other day.
(Family called to our vet quickly.
But I'm right.)
Sister was angry with mother not me.
But I reflected very much... I won't mistake hunting in future!

It's nearly summer now though it's cool at night.
(TV told me the terrible news...
We'll probably have the sweltering summer again!
Family are very afraid whether I'll be able to survive this summer.)