Mom and sister have been to UK in midsummer. They say,"UK has cool nights in summer, North Japan only has cool dawn, and Tokyo is in 'Humid Sauna' all day long."

I have muggy summer (though it's cool this week). (Tokyo is worse, It was over 37 degree centigrade for several days early in July.)
Sister and I are weak in summer(especially damp). She often have a electric fan to herself, and I lay myself down behind her. Parents smile bitterly to us.
I love driving and taking a walk in the park, but I can't do it when it's muggy. --- I wish it were hot only fields and beaches!

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Early summer --- one cool day

I have the heated days(over 31 degree C every day) for a week.(It's unusual here!) --- Happily it has rather cool nights, so I manage to be fine.

This summer is very unusual! --- Northern Japan (I live) had sweltering days late in July.(Sister believes "Greenhouse Effect" every summer --- especially then) But now I have rainy days. So I can't take a walk enough.(I'm afraid mom may put me on a diet later!)

I'm in sweltering days again. But I never forget "Hunting in My House".
By the way, today is the third anniversary I've been adopted. --- I hope mom will cook me delicious dishes!

I've just taken a walk in hotness. --- We (family) will watch on TV soon: the funeral of the ex-Princess of Wales, Diana.
Many (in Japan) are shocked and they are in sadness. They love her and dislike the Prince of Wales.
--- I pray for the repose of her soul(--- and Mother Teresa's).