Summer has come again! (Ah!)

It's still not hot very much --- but very very humid. I can't sleep on my bed, so I lie on my rug at night.
But it seem to be better here. I hear India and Greece is heated. (Mom says,"India has a sweltering time for a nuclear test." --- Indeed (!?) )

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("Early Summer")

Family has voted at Sangiin-senkyo (the election in Japan) today. I hope Japan recovers from the heavy depression for it and family give me sweets more.
(But I feel parents hasn't given me toast or cakes since my vet cleans my teeth the other day ---)

Yesterday my (family) vet gave me the preventive of firaria, and...he weighed me.
I hoped the sweltering days of last week slenderized me, but he told again --- "diet!"
Now I'm thinking --- what to do stopping his weighing.

Today is the 4th anniversary of my adoption.
--- But I've had a trouble of stomach since this morning --- so I got a fasting cure instead of delicious dishes!
(Sister says,"It's for damp, rain and hotness." I don't know, but this month is very very humid and hot (at nights especially) for certain.)