The hot and very very very humid summer has come again!

I lie on my lugs in the daytime, and sleep at the side of parents' bed at night.
--- And I only move briskly when family have dinner.

Mom says," Let's go camping by our new car this summer."
Sister doesn't feel like doing it, but I'll go where family go.
(Recently I sometimes miss parents --- they went an overnight trip to another city for their relation reasons several times.)

I have unusual sweltering summer now.
(It's about 35 degrees Centigrade several days --- sweltering more than Okinawa (the subtropical city in Japan) !)

Mom bought an electric fan only for me. She moves it every time I move (change the place lying).
And she says,"I'm going to buy an air-conditioner for Sasha next year.", but I don't like it to tell the truth.

Sasha's photo

I still have the sultry summer, and I lie down on a mat (Japanese rug).
Sister says"It doesn't become Afghans",but I like it... it's comfortable the humid season.