This winter began as usual though it had the first snow of the season too early.
It has much snow here every winter. Family hate winter --- they must shovel the snow, get heavy traffic jams, and it has long nights. But I like the season --- I can have a "snowbathe"! (though I don't ski unlike one St. Bernard)

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It's severely cold for a few days, but it will get warmer soon.
This late autumn is very warm in Japan. They say it's just Greenhouse Effect(not only "El Nino"). --- The conference for Greenhouse Effect is held in Kyoto City now, and they have discussions how countries reduce CO2. --- I hear it costs a lot of money, but you may know, we're in the serious depression in Japan. --- I'm afraid family may lessen my refreshments more if the depression gets worse, but maybe the increase of CO2 takes my walk in summer. --- What do we (Afghans) should do?

Merry Christmas (&a Happy New Year)!
A Happy New Year!

It's freezing this week (family say, "like the economy of Japan"). --- I don't mind the cold, but I never wanna have ice cream outdoors like people in Moscow!

I've just watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics on TV. (Nagano is too far to go and see it)
--- I may have to ask mom for walking through standing in front of a TV for a while.

Today is Hinamatsuri --- the Girl's Festival(workday).
Mom decorates the dolls (designed Japanese royal costume a thousand years ago) every year, or sister may decorate me instead of them (sister says their eyebrows are like me).
--- And mom offers a piece of Japanese sweets with them --- I love it!

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("simple type")

(Hinamatsuri is the festival, but we have no parade; only a small party)

Spring will be coming soon!
I love spring, but the trouble is that I get dirty (my beautiful(?) hair). --- Do overseas Afghans wear a coat of Burberrys the time?