This winter has come suddenly. (though autumn was very warm and long)
We'll have much snow this winter. I'm happy --- I can have a "snowbathe" instead of shoveling the snow!

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Early in the year mom entered the hospital for a fracture of her knee.
I missed her very much for a week.
Dad and sister also had a hard time --- they spent with me in turn staying away from work.
(Sister seemed to be hard especially --- she has caught flu, still taken a walk with me. --- But I troubled her for a lot of "snowbathing".)
Mom left the hospital on Monday. (She says, "I escaped from there; 'the nest of flu'")
--- But I won't be able to take a walk with her till spring.

It was St. Valentine's Day yesterday.
We have the custom; women give men chocolate at the day, and men give women back a present at "The White Day" (14 March).
Sister says,"It may be only Japanese custom."
Mom and sister gave Dad chocolate, but he doesn't like it very much. So mom, sister (...and I) have it after all.

I have "Hinamatsuri" ("the Girl's Festival" --- decorating the dolls (designed Japanese royal costume a thousand years ago)) today.
I had sweets the day every years, but I may get few it this year.
(Sister received a e-mail; "I must warn you that feeding chocolate to your dog is very dangerous. It is poisonous to them and even a small amount can make them sick or even kill them."
(In fact, mom gave me chocolate not sister))
--- Since then, family seldom give me sweets...

The spring is late this year.
(I took the "snowbathing" a few days ago.)
Sister is afraid; the summer is apt to heat especially when the winter freezes.
(I'm afraid it, too --- if so, she may not take a walk with me.)