This winter has come late; it was last week lying the snow pretty deep.
And I enjoy "Snow Bathing" now.

I had an operation for the mammary gland tumor again last month.
The inspection result was "malignant", and family were very much shocked at the news.
(My vet said before the operation,"probably her tumor is benignant again."
...He says,"the possibility of recurrence will be small, but she needs periodical checkup.")
After my vet told the bad news, sister said to mom and dad,
"I believe Sasha's disease was because of you have given her to bread with butter, ice cream, and cream for coffee."
Then they only give me meat (except dog food), so I'm in frustration now!

(Christmas Eve '99)
Merry Christmas!
And it's my 12th birthday today.
I enjoyed "snow bathing" and I got boiled chicken at dinner. gave me some cake.
(Sister was angry with her...but I don't care!)

Sasha's photo

I've fallen ill since last Sunday.
(I feel I'm getting better.)
I can't walk very much, it's impossible to sit down and my pulse is quick.
Now I take medicine for heart, thyroid and the neck.

I got the worse news yesterday.
My vet told,"Sasha has fallen the womb empyema* for harmful effects of the medicine. She needs an operation, but it's hard to stand it for her now, so I'll use her a medicine."
I'll have a shot every day for a while. I hope I enjoy my life without operations forever.
(My legs are weak now, but I feel all right except it...though my vet seem to think I'm very ill.)

(*: Only some owners of dogs make undergo the operation for contraception to theirs in Japan.
Family weren't approve it when I was adopted. But they seem to regret now.)

I got the worse news yesterday again.
...I'll have an operation this afternoon.
(My vet told,"Sasha has the mammary gland tumor (malignant?) again.
And the womb empyema seem to be worse.
The operation is very risky (fainting from illness), but she can do it now.")

I had an oparation last month, and I feel I get better bit by bit now.
And... we (family and I) had very good news.
My vet told,"Sasha didn't had a malignant tumor."
It was "inflammation" not tumor, and has disappeared now!
(But I had a malignant tumor last year, so family haven't been relieved yet.)